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The Night is Freezing Fast(1922)

A. E. Housman

The night is freezing fast,
MeterThe night is freezing fast,
To-morrow comes December;
MeterTo-morrow comes December;
And winter falls of old
MeterAnd winter falls of old
Are with me from the past;
MeterAre with me from the past;
And chiefly I remember
MeterAnd chiefly I remember
How Dick would hate the cold.
MeterHow Dick would hate the cold.

Fall, winter, fall; for he,
MeterFall, winter, fall; for he,
Prompt hand and headpiece clever,
MeterPrompt hand and headpiece clever,
Has woven a winter robe,
MeterHas woven a winter robe,
And made of earth and sea
MeterAnd made of earth and sea
His overcoat for ever,
MeterHis overcoat for ever,
And wears the turning globe.
MeterAnd wears the turning globe.

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